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When the job requires hauling and laying cable within a timeframe, it is best to make sure you have everything you need to get it done right and on time. 

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Mining SectorSpecifications & Certifications

Safety is paramount on any mining site. We at EPE Cable Haul are committed to ensuring our equipment is in peak working order after it has undergone stringent testing to ensure it exceeds the safety standards outlined by mining sites.  EPE Cable Haul’s winches and trailers having mining specifications that can be provided on request or downloaded from the specific equipments webpage.  

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Push cablewith the Wombat

The Wombat (also known as a cable pusher) pushes single cables through conduits quickly and efficiently without the use of a winch or lots of hands. 

Only two people are needed to operate the Wombat.  Saving time and setup delays along with no need for a draw string then a rope and sock to pull the cable.  Just position the Wombat and install. Find out more 

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Why Hire from EPE Cable Haul

At EPE Cable Haul, we pride ourselves on hiring quality, fully serviced equipment enabling you to get your project done on time, and on budget. Our flexible pay as you go rental options, no capital investment commitments, hidden costs or unused equipment accumulating dust.

Every piece of equipment that leaves the yard has been inspected, serviced or reconditioned to ensure it works the first time, every time.  See why hiring equipment from EPE Cable Haul can work for your business.

Why Hire from EPE Cable Haul
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