Why Hire with EPE Cable Haul?

There are many advantages to hiring your cable equipment from EPE Cable Haul.  These include:

Instant Availability

Rental equipment can provide lead time bridging.  In many cases, a rental is available within 24 hours notice, avoiding the need to wait weeks for new equipment to arrive.

No Hidden Costs

All cable laying equipment supplied by EPE Cable Haul includes general maintenance, support and administration.  All of which is included in the rental agreement, ensuring additional costs are kept to a minimum.

No Capital Investment

Rentals enables business to meet the peaks and troughs, seasonal aspects of business without having to commit to capital expenditure.

Tax Incentives

There may be tax deductible benefits from renting cable hauling equipment.  EPE Cable Haul advises contacting your own financial advisor about those deductions.

Cashflow Smoothing

Renting cable hauling equipment on a pay as you use basis allows the costs to be monitored and attributed to a specific job or project.

No Idle Equipment

Equipment can sometimes sit idle when not in use at the workshop.  This is not the case with a rental agreement with EPE Cable Haul.  You are able to return the equipment once finished eliminating downtime, need for maintenance and asset depreciation.


Enquire Now

Contact the team at EPE Cable Haul or come into the warehouse, located in Maddington, to chat about matching the right cable haul equipment to your specific job.

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