Cable Haul Equipment


Supply of Cable Haul Equipment

EPE have all your cable hauling needs covered - ropes, accessories, crimpers, stands, rollers, winches, and much more. Available the same day so you know you can get your hauling job done today.

All equipment including general maintenance, support and administration are supplied by EPE and included in the cost of the rental agreement. There are no hidden costs and pay as you go rental option allows businesses to pay for the equipment as they use it without having to commit to capital investment.  It allows costs to be easily managed at different times throughout the year and returned when not required.

Visit the new Cable Haul website for full equipment details and hiring enquiries.


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Whatever your job is that requires cable hauling equipment, we can help you today.
Call our experienced team at EPE Cable Haul to discuss how we can assist you with the right equipment for your job so its done on time and budget.

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